5 Books you haven’t read which were made into movies

This is an article that I wrote for a website called Campus Diaries. To read the rest, click on the link provided below. If you are an avid reader, you have read at least one book which you really want to see come alive on screen. Then there are others which you hope will never be adapted […]

Goodbye is just another word

After all that talk about getting back at the assassins of my creativity by starting a blog, it might be surprising that I haven’t posted anything in a week. Before you put me in the category of barking dogs that seldom bite, let me explain. I haven’t written anything because I was busy. For real. […]

On the how and the why

Frankly speaking, my creativity has been killed. No, make that assassinated. Suspects: A well organized gang of criminals, notorious for being able to work under the radar, stealing our ability to think, which is the only thing that sets us apart from chimps. Members of the gang: The Idiot Box The other Idiot Box, which […]